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 A Personal Story...

In January 1984 I enlisted in the U.S. Navy...but along with a welcome surprise. My best friend, Rick Weaver and  I knew what each other was planning, but neither of us ever expected we'd start our journey together in basic training. From our first day in "boot" (Orlando, FL, Jan. '84) throughout our Wayne Richard "Rick" Weaver electronics schooling in Florida, we were inseparable. In late 1984 I reported to the Spruance class destroyer, U.S.S. Comte DeGrasse, and Rick moved onto additional schooling in Great Lakes, Illinois. Rick was a great guy...and while he was stationed in Norfolk attending even more schooling in 1985, he offered to "car-sit" while I deployed for 6 months (June-December) to the Persian Gulf.

 Click to EnlargeOn May 17, 1987 while Rick was stationed on the U.S.S. Stark, this time on his own deployment to the Gulf....Rick was killed in a missile attack. During routine patrol, two Exocet missiles were launched from an Iraqi F-1 Mirage fighter jet,  both penetrating Rick's sleeping compartment on the port side.

With temperatures reaching 1800 degrees and Click to Enlargewhile mortally wounded, Rick saved twelve shipmates by carrying them to safety. He succumbed to his injuries while performing these heroic acts.

I was asked to escort Rick's remains back home to Clarion, Pennsylvania where he was laid to rest in a small country cemetery near where he was raised......Godspeed Rick. 


  Navy Days

During my four year tour in the U.S. Navy in the mid-1980's most of my time was "haze grey & underway" on the Spruance Class Destroyer, U.S.S. Comte DeGrasse. My job was as an Electronics Warfare Technician, but I was also part of the ship's "Snoopy" team.  The idea was simple, when we made visuals of non-U.S. vessels, we took photographs of them for intelligence purposes.  One of my favorite stories I love to tell is while in the Mediterranean Sea in 1985. "The U.S.S. Comte De Grasse (my ship) and a Russian Krivak II Cruiser were playing cat & mouse for a couple weeks, basically following each other around and targeting each other's radar on the other....anyway...I literally have photographs of Russians taking photos of us...very cool!"

My travels through European and Middle Eastern countries afforded me opportunities to photograph someAncient Greek Ruins~Paestum, Italy of the most fascinating sites and structures, such as the Vatican and the Coliseum in Rome, Leaning Tower of Pisa, the ruins of Pompeii and Paestum, Italy and so much more. Someday I'll get around to posting some of them here.

In 1999 I  founded ProPoint Media Photography because I wanted to offer the public a different "outside the box" experience....and my expertise and proof positive results with  photography and graphic design are a testament to that. 

I grew tired of the photography businesses that clearly  never really understood nor could deliver what I've discovered most customers wanted.  Photography, for me,  is far more than just a point and shoot's an art form that allows me to capture a moment in time, and once it's's gone.  Lighting techniques, posing, movement, emotions, and enhanced graphic skills, can all have potential to influence the composition of a photographic image or composed print; knowing and understanding these characteristic traits as well as how to manipulate them is what makes my photography art.  Placing my spin on what I see through the camera lens (and virtually stop) what I envision around me are priceless characteristics I bring to my business.

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